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Anna Zett | Particular Experience

Sunday 3 June, 6pm | Public presentation & workshop

Monday 4 June, 5pm | Talk: Anna Zett in conversation with Jamie Sutcliffe & Sarah Jury

Research Studio, Chisenhale Dance Space, 64- 84 Chisenhale Road, London, E3 5QZ

The Berlin-based artist Anna Zett will use the framework of Micro Social Cultures to meet four London-based artists who work with physical participation in various ways, to get together for a day of discussion and practice. The aim of the private workshop is to share methods and games that can be used to help someone else trust, access or abstract their own physically stored knowledge. On an analytical level it is an invitation to direct awareness to a particular range of experiences one makes use of in one’s work, as well as to discuss the concept of working from experience in general. The outcome will be shared with the public on 3 June and 4 June.

Sunday 3 June, 6pm | Public presentation & workshop

A public presentation initiated by Anna Zett, as part of Micro Social Cultures. This research-based series has been curated by writer Jamie Sutcliffe, and will involve collaborations with the artists, Adam James, Sarah Jury, Hamish MacPherson, Jenny Moore.

The event has limited capacity, and will most likely involve your physical participation, please book tickets (Pay what you can or £5/£4) here.

This event is part of Block Universe Satellite Programme 2018.

Monday 4 June, 5pm | Talk:  Anna Zett in conversation with Jamie Sutcliffe & Sarah Jury

This event is free, please RSVP

Adam James (b. 1978) is a British artist. At the heart of his practice is a desire to bring people together in order to understand the self and to open up new ways of being and interacting. He uses non-verbal play to encourage forms of dialogue, mediation and the reconsideration of sameness and difference. James makes sculptural objects, drawings, photographs, videos and texts that all arise from his steadfast involvement in the performative practice of live action role play (larp). Within his practice, James positions the larp as a tool to trigger, on a micro level, future possibilities, new forms of collaborative democracy and the temporary dismantling of hierarchies.

Sarah Jury is a curator, critical writer, nordic larp workshop designer and educator. She is co-director of research and practice project space Res., Deptford and is part of Keep it Complex collective.

Hamish MacPherson is a London-based artist who uses practices from choreography and dance to think about philosophy and politics. MacPherson makes performances, installations, larps, workshops and other elements in artistic, academic and community contexts.

Jenny Moore is a Canadian artist and musician based in London. She plays in the dance-punk band Charismatic Megafauna, leads feminist choir F*Choir, and has recently recorded an album for 10 voices and 2 drummers called Mystic Business originally commissioned by Wysing Arts Centre for Wysing Polyphonic Music Festival. Moore also collaborates with a group of artists as ‘Bedfellows,’ leading workshops, performances and talks about consent, desire and life long sex education.

Jamie Sutcliffe is a writer and publisher based in London. His essays, interviews and reviews have been published by Art Monthly, Frieze, Rhizome, The White Review, EROS Journal, The Quietus and Bricks From The Kiln. He co-directs Strange Attractor Press, an independent publishing house devoted to the documentation of unpopular cultures, now distributed by the MIT Press.Independently he co-edits both A-or-ist, a journal of new art writing, and Berserker, an anthology of underground comics and unabashed genre work published by Breakdown Press.

Anna Zett is an artist, writer, director of films and radio plays, born in Leipzig and living in Berlin. Working alone and in teams, Zett combines historical reflection and symbolic critique with a performative practice rooted in open physical encounters. In 2014 she published her first two longer videos, both dealing with the dinosaur as an imperial emblem, which were screened internationally in art institutions, universities and festivals. Within recent years her emphasis shifted gradually from working analytically with audio/ video technologies to directing awareness to the embodied dimensions of memory and fiction. Zett has written and directed two radio plays for the German public radio, and (co-)hosted various participatory formats ranging from dance to chance-based story telling.

Micro Social Cultures is a programme kindly supported by Arts Council England