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Kostas Sklavenitis, Kneaded, Bosse & Baum, London, 2020

Kostas Sklavenitis: Kneaded

Exhibition extended until 1 May 2020

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A message from Alex & Lana at Bosse & Baum 

This Saturday was supposed to be the last day of our current exhibition, Kneaded, by Kostas Sklavenitis. The exhibition opened on 14 February with a series of new paintings set against murals, which Kostas had painted over five days prior to the opening. This was until two weeks ago, when we regrettably but understandably, closed the gallery as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Our exhibition programme for the Summer has now been delayed, and we have decided to keep Kostas’ exhibition in the gallery until 1 May, when we will review the situation. 

Given the nature of Kneaded, and its site specificity, it is a pleasure not to have to take down the murals, which will sadly then be lost forever, and to be able to keep the exhibition up for longer. Often we work at a pace whereby we are quickly moving from one exhibition to the next and, although for reasons which we wish weren’t the case, it does now allow us to pause and slow down, taking consideration of what we do, and why.

As a gallery, we really value the community and openness between our artists, audiences, collectors and colleagues, and we make an effort to practice these values as we work. Given this period of uncertainty and anxiety, the sense of community is ever more important. Interestingly, Kneaded is an exhibition which meditates on the sharing of experiences, in all their similarities and differences, all over the world, transcending geographical borders, emotional distances and political views. 

For the opening night of Kneaded, we did something unusual and provided cooked food, as well as drinks, for all our guests. This was done with efforts of the artist and his friends, and was supported in kind, and with time.  It meant that everyone was welcomed, and brought together, but given the social distancing we are now having to practice, this feels ever more important, and is something we hope we will be able to resume in the near future. It has highlighted the importance of togetherness to us, and we are hoping that this difficult period will bring people closer in the long run. 

Meanwhile, we have used this time to bring our exhibitions online, and have launched a 3D view of the current gallery exhibition, which we hope will open up the work at Bosse & Baum to those who are – even in normal circumstances – unable to visit the gallery in person. 

The artists we work with at the gallery are our lifeline, and our extended family, and we will continue to work to support them emotionally, financially and creatively. We would like to extend our good wishes to our gallery visitors, supporters and colleagues, and you can carry on following us through our newsletterwebsite and Instagram

We look forward to seeing you back at Bosse & Baum soon. 

Take care.