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HECKLE_Publication 2015

Heckle Schedule_27-29 March 2015

Schedule HECKLE 27 - 29 March 2015


Heckle Schedule_27-29 March 2015

HECKLE_Publication 2015 including a curatorial blurb, an early extract from Claire Potter’s The Punch and Pooty Show, Artist Biographies, as well as descriptions of all performances taking place across the weekend.


FeltActs and Bosse & Baum are proud to present a weekend of curated performance and film, exploring the historical, social, and cultural definitions of heckling. The programme for the weekend sees an exciting group of artists working in different disciplines, yet all commonly using an expanded definition of performance as an approach or methodology.

Ana Mendes – Charlotte Law – Marcus Orlandi – AnnaMaria Kardos – Augusto Corrieri – Girolamo Marri – Claire Potter – Molly Palmer – Reka Ferenczi – Jessica Worden – Julia Hayes – Justyna Scheuring – non perfomer – so sick communications – There There – Guy Oliver – Hanae Wilke & Fleur Melbourn – McGilvary White – Rafaela Lopez & Georgia René-Worms – isik knutsdotter – Patrick Goddard

Heckling is an act that has been felt throughout the history of performance. It is rooted within oral traditions and still pertinent in the gibing of politicians and comedians today. It is often a form of embarrassing interruption, failure and inescapable discomfort. However, heckling is also a process of creation: a method of weaving flax together in the textile industries. HECKLE will explore how performance carries a similar binal definition, as both a form that is liable to fail and break down, as well as one which can gather us together. Exploring what shape, tone and texture heckling takes in performance, the weekend seeks to articulate heckling as a conceptual tool, where the heckle might become a movement, a dynamic, or a way of pushing away from a standardized or accepted methodology or practice.

FeltActs is an online platform for performance, established in 2014. FeltActs offers an online space for artists, writers, performers and curators to explore disciplinary, and critical approaches to performance. With the aim of combining a rigorous academic approach with a lateral, non-standardized and creative methodology, FeltActs offers an online space to explore performance in an expanded field. FeltActs showcases reviews, artist interviews and critical writing to examine performance, both as an object of study, as well as a methodology for writing.

As part of HECKLE, Claire Potter has contributed a piece of new writing to both the publication for the weekend, as well as for FeltActs online.

The Punch and Pooty Show draws on an audience outburst during the premier of a new show by the same name in the final chapter of Russell Hoban’s post nuclear fiction Riddley Walker; a book in which language exists as a pockmarked return to an oral state and socio-historical narrative is prescribed by a ministerial puppet show.

Curated by Bryony White, founder of FeltActs.
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