Luke Burton | Filigree Endings

Luke Burton: Filigree Endings by Sami Jalili

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Luke Burton’s practice works across different media, including sculpture, collage, drawing, and video, which are brought together in this solo exhibition. Filigree Endings examines the status and relevance of the decorative in contemporary art and society.

The exhibition will include a new body of work that develops the artist’s interest in how the decorative can be expressed through direct and subtle ways. Sculptures made from brass discs, clear acrylic bowls, floral fabric and tissue paper, described by the artist as ‘hanging baskets’, produce an interplay between modernist abstraction, domesticated craft and classical ornament.

In Burton’s recent videos he uses the architecture of urban landscape as a stage to perform estranged or intimate interactions with architectural flourish. He performs a series of repeated actions or gestures to explore Romantic artist positions, humour, and play as a form of dissidence. These actions are elicited rather than predetermined, through paying attention to particular sites or details, formal qualities and contexts.

Luke Burton graduated from the Royal College of Art, London with an MA in Sculpture in 2013. Recent exhibitions include The Interior, Ditto Press, London; Along Those Lines, 3 137, Athens; Curious Artefacts, The Art Wall, Athens; For You I Would Do Anything, Tritongaten 5, Gothenburg; Singspiel, Lewisham Arthouse, London; Linking, Linking Arms, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Edinburgh (all 2015); Tenderflix, ICA, London; I see I don’t see, Lewisham Art House, London; Athens Video Art Festival, Technopolis Musuem, Athens (all 2014); The Uneventful Day, Carroll/Fletcher, London, A Dense Glitter of Alternatives, Vitrine, London and Love/Architecture, Turner Contemporary, Margate (all 2013). Luke Burton has the following forthcoming exhibition Italy, Watch It, London, December 2015 and a residency at Espace d’arts Saint Valentin, Lausanne, March 2016.