Miriam Austin: Lupercalia

Lupercalia Live schedule

Boris Jardine_Three Rituals for Miriam Austin_Lupercalia 2016

Louisa Elderton_Miriam Austin There Are Traces of You Everywhere_2016

Louisa Elderton_Miriam Austin There Are Traces of You Everywhere_2016

Boris Jardine_Three Rituals for Miriam Austin_Lupercalia 2016



Bosse & Baum is pleased to present Miriam Austin’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. The title of the exhibition Lupercalia takes its name from an ancient Roman ceremony that prepared the city for spring’s onset.

Through its combination of installation and performance, the exhibition Lupercalia institutes a narrative matrix, which in sculptural objects become sacred instruments, tools and vestments. The resulting works push towards imaginative slippages in which objects and bodies meld, generating hybrid forms that are simultaneously alarming and seductive.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a text written by LOUISA ELDERTON. 

A series of events and performances will take place in the duration of the exhibition. Please check here for updates or contact info@bosseandbaum.com for more information.

Friday 18th March, 7-9pm
Lupercalia Live schedule
Poetry reading with Sam Riviere, Matthew Drage and Boris Jardine
Reading by Louisa Elderton
Performance by Candida Powell-Williams
Reading by Holly Slingsby

Louisa Elderton_Miriam Austin There Are Traces of You Everywhere_2016

Boris Jardine_Three Rituals for Miriam Austin_Lupercalia 2016

A liturgy for Lupercalia_Holly Slingsby

Wednesday 23rd March, 7-9pm
Closing ceremony with Miriam Austin and Universal A
Performance by Paul Gwillam


Austin’s work for Lupercalia emerges in part from her participation in the artist collective UA, which since its inception in 2013 has created contexts for producing and viewing artworks and texts that disrupt the secular default. UA insists on taking religion, myth and mysticism seriously as way of understanding and engaging with aesthetic production.

Miriam Austin b. 1984

Miriam Austin graduated from the Royal College of Art, London with an MA in Sculpture in 2012. Recent exhibitions include: An Ear of Corn in Silence Reaped (2015), Grove House, London; Bluebeard (2012), Studio 106, London; Recent group exhibitions include: Groundwork (2015), The New Art Centre, Salisbury; A Sense of Things (2014), Zabludowicz Collection, London; Biothanatos (2014), DIG Space, London; Elements of Religion (2013), Bold Tendencies, London; Happening #1 (2013), The White Building, [SPACE] Studios, London; The Birth Caul (2013), Vitrine Gallery, London; Creekside Open (2013), APT Gallery, London; Heart of Darkness, (2012), Villa Arson Art Centre, Nice, France. In 2012 she completed a residency at the Villa Arson, France. She is currently working on a collaborative project as part of the collective Universal A (previously called Grand George). The group recently organized a conference at the University of Cambridge (Total Archive: Dreams of Universal Knowledge from the Encyclopedia to Big Data, March 2015) and the project will conclude with an exhibition and series of events in early 2016. Miriam Austin has an upcoming exhibition Rituals for a New Generation at Bosse and Baum, London in 2016.