Motoko Ishibashi: Guru Den

Bosse & Baum presents Guru Den, the first solo show by Motoko Ishibashi with a performance by Yuki Kobayashi at the opening. Ishibashi’s practice spans across painting, printmaking, installation and performance. This exhibition focuses on a recent series of small-scale paintings and a large work on canvas, representing the many faces of the Guru Den.

Combining conventional styles of painting with contemporary references, Ishibashi’s recent works look at the female body through the lens of classical painting, and off-stream online platforms such as 4chan. The depiction of the figures on the canvas is presented in a way that refers to many styles and artistic movements throughout history. In some of the works the suggestion of the body melts away into the lines of the canvas, creating an almost utopian landscape. This creates a playful ambiguity between the painting’s own position and the subject matter within. Kobayashi’s action-based performances seek to reveal the authenticity of the human condition, working with the unexpected and the spontaneous to uncover the invisible. Questioning both power and restrictive social codes towards freedom and equality.

There will be a screening of Yuki Kobayashi’s performance to coincide with Peckham 24, from 19 to 20 May.