Frieze Live with Candida Powell-Williams

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Frieze Live London, Regent’s Park
Candida Powell-Williams: Boredom and its Acid Touch
Preview day: 4 October 2017
5 – 8 October 2017, performances 2.30pm – 3pm daily

Bosse & Baum presents a solo presentation by Candida Powell-Williams for the Live section at Frieze London 2017. The artist has devised a new performance using characters who vomit frogs, snails who joust, and hybrid animals who stare blankly at the audience.

As the performers, like living statues, pause for extended periods of time in yoga-like contortions they beg to be photographed in their colourful acid tone costumes. Playing with synchronicity and fragmentation, each day costumes and characters will change and bring with them their own idiosyncrasies. Building on her established language of cyclical, repetitive, mesmerising gestures she choreographs a performance that mixes historical references with virtual posing.

Powell-Williams pulls imagery from illuminated medieval manuscripts, folding it together with contemporary doodles. She reflects our changing relationship to boredom and idleness, as we now live through our phones, and on social media, where this project will eventually be resolved as a series of GIFs, exploring what contemporary marginalia might be. Situated in the “margins” of Frieze the work also deals with the marginalisation of performance within the context of the art market.

About the artist
Candida Powell-Williams creates sculptural installations, which also function as platforms for performance. Beginning with research she explores the slippage between primary source material and it’s interpretation. In order to consider how we construct identity through objects and memory, she manipulates historical narratives by plucking references from disparate eras and condensing them into a singular experience whilst playing with miscommunication.

Powell-Williams makes prop-like sculptures akin to drawing in their use of line, characterized by wobbly geometry and the intimacy of the handmade. She mixes representation with abstract emblematic motifs. The resulting installations are whimsical theatrical stagings animated with movement and sound performances drawing on the shapes and forms of virtual posturing merged with classical controposto. She choreographs her audience’s experience testing their relationship to the Absurd and the Spectacle. She then uses their interpretation to make GIF documentation exploring the cumulative effect of storytelling in the digital age.

Candida Powell-Williams lives and works in London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2011 and the Slade School 2009. Selected solo exhibitions and projects include : Cache, Art Night Associate Programme (London, 2017); Tongue Town, group show, MAM (Sao Paolo, 2017); The Vernacular History of the Golden Rhubarb, Bosse & Baum (London, 2017), AVATAR, Gate Theatre (London, 2015), Glissando, Bosse & Baum (London, 2014), Coade’s Elixir – an occupation, Hayward Gallery (London, 2014), Sleight, Lewisham Arthouse (London, 2012). Recent group exhibitions and performances include Tongue Town, MAM (Sao Paolo, 2017); PIC Art Fair (Melbourne, 2016), Cue Collision, House of Egorn (London, 2016), DentalFlux Poetry Library (London, 2013), Hot Stones, Wet Areas, Fast Melons (Vienna, 2013); Muster Point, ASC (London, 2013), Please be Quite, British School in Rome (Rome, 2013); and Tourist Information Point, Supercollider (Blackpool, 2013). In 2013 Powell-Williams completed a yearlong residency at the British School in Rome, having been awarded the Sainsbury Scholarship in Painting and Sculpture. Other awards and residencies include the Lewisham Arthouse graduate studio award (20011-12), CASS Student Sculpture Award (2011) Cite de Internationals Paris studio award (2010). Powell-Williams has an upcoming solo project with Frieze Live, London in October 2017, will participate in a group show Lotus at Bosse & Baum in October 2017 and a collaborative project Emilia-Amalia group in Toronto and London in 2017 and 2018.

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