Jonathan Allen, Brooke Palmieri, Tai shani and Martha McGill. Chaired by Candida Powell-Williams
11 September, 7-9pm | Bosse & Baum, London

Tickets are limited, please book here.

As artist in residence at The Warburg Institute London, Candida Powell-William’s has invited a group of artists and academics to discuss how artists, both now and throughout time, have been influenced by magic’s relationship to objects and materials and its power to alter our perception.

Forming a discussion panel will be Brooke Palmieri (queer historian of book and material culture), Jonathan Allen (artist, writer and a curator at The Magic Circle Museum, London), Tai Shani (multidisciplinary artist interested in experimental narrative texts), and Martha McGill (researcher and educator on the history of supernatural beliefs).

This year Powell-Williams was awarded ACE funding to undertake and produce extensive research into the endurance of esoteric ideas, ciphers and symbols and the cultural heritage of tarot cards. This discussion will form part of her research along with Lessness, still quorum at the Serpentine Gallery on 8 September, New Work a 2 person show with Thomas Yeomans at Exposed Arts Projects (November 2018) and a publication of her research to be launched in early 2019. All proceeds from the ticket sales are going towards the ongoing research and to developing this project further.