Luke Burton : Waves, group show at Turf Projects, London | January 2017








WAVES brings together video installation, printmaking, sculpture and painting to explore gesture and stillness in relation to the idea of private and public space. Invited artists present different attitudes and strategies, from improvisation and mannerism to staging and choreography, exposing the movements between the intimate and the shared.

To coincide with the exhibition, Turf are hosting a programme of related events including an Artists talk & Q&A, Film screenings, Family Art Fun Day, Reading Group and a Lunchtime Artist Crit. For further details on the programme please visit The exhibition and events were made possible with the generous support of the Arts Council England & Centrale Shopping Centre, Croydon.

Luke Burton‘s work examines across painting, drawing, video and sculpture the dependent relationship between contemporary art and decoration. His recent series of paintings and drawings explore how personal and collective forms of ambivalence are found in attitudes towards aesthetics, archetypal forms and male identity. Footballs and Fountains serve as ongoing symbolic tropes, drawn in an expressive and mannered style with a backdrop of tightly rendered patterns derived from Victorian tile designs.

Football, XI – IX, ink and acrylic on paper mounted on Kappa board, obeche frames – 90cm x 70cm, 2016