May Hands will be artist in residence at Bosse & Baum for two weeks in August, using the gallery space as her studio. She will use the studio as medium, a laboratory of experiments, exploring on going themes within her practice.

Collected urban and natural detritus sourced from the places she lives within and passes through on route to the studio over the course of the residency will interact with one another in the studio space, alongside pre-made and foraged materials that make up her ever growing collection of ingredients. Exploring physicality and sensuality of materials, alchemy, transformation and cycles, through a rich use of mediums; installation, performance, textiles, assemblage, film and photography.

While artist in residence at Bosse & Baum, she will make a series of small works as a result of her exploration of materials, which  will be presented in early September at Bosse & Baum.

To RSVP to the event in September or to do a studio visit please email

Monday 3rd September

Presentation: 3-8pm

Drinks: 6-8pm