Hardeep Pandhal : The Shadow Moses Incident (…Tactical Espionage Action in a Haunted House…)

Sunday 26 August, 7pm – 9.30pm | Artists and writers, at Primary in Nottingham, Larry Achiampong, Kitty Clark, Sam Keogh, Hardeep Pandhal and Jamie Sutcliffe discuss the contemporary resonances of Hideo Kojima’s video game franchise Metal Gear Solid.

Primary, 33 Seely Road, Nottingham, NG7 3FZ

This event is free but places are limited so booking is essential, please register here.

Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. Since 1987 its sprawling narrative has interrogated the possibilities of biogenetic reproduction, military espionage, off-shore para-states and the formation of private task forces charged with wresting power from the world’s collapsing democracies.

Despite the bizarre nature of its postulations, Metal Gear speaks adequately to a post-truth, post-human milieu. In a political atmosphere thick with conspiracy and foul-play, the social and intellectual mobilisations of an increasingly martial right-wing touting cheap philosophies of race realism and ethno-nationalism chime ominously against the game’s fantasies of bloodlines and separatism. Indeed, Metal Gear’s distinct imagery would even come to furnish the meme economies of an emergent populism.

Artists and writers at Primary in Nottingham discuss the contemporary resonances of Kojima’s game, the mania of fandom, and what the thrills of ‘tactical espionage action’ might be able to warn us about the paranoid present.

The Shadow Moses Incident has been conceived by Hardeep Pandhal and Jamie Sutcliffe and is supported by Primary in collaboration with the Micro Social Cultures programme at Bosse & Baum.

Hardeep Pandhal works in a variety of contexts and predominantly with drawing, moving image, spoken word and embroidery. His practice sifts through psychoanalytic theories, anthropological studies and advertising, using parody and symbolism and cartooning to explore ways in which forms of exclusion and otherness are constructed.

Jamie Sutcliffe is a writer and publisher based in London. His essays, interviews and reviews have been published by Art Monthly, Frieze, Rhizome, The White Review, EROS Journal, The Quietus and Bricks From The Kiln. He co-directs Strange Attractor Press, an independent publishing house devoted to the documentation of unpopular cultures, now distributed by the MIT Press.Independently he co-edits both A-or-ist, a journal of new art writing, and Berserker, an anthology of underground comics and unabashed genre work published by Breakdown Press.

Micro Social Cultures is a cultural community space which provides a working platform for everyone to support artists’ practices. It’s an active shared space for research, thinking & discussion and for exchanging ideas and knowledge catalysed by contemporary art practice. This will result in an online library, commissioned essays & open source information.

The annual programme is structured in 4 episodes, each episode centered around an artist-developed workshop. This year’s programme has been selected by Jamie Sutcliffe. The invited artists for 2018 will be: Hardeep Pandhal, Anna Zett, Claire Potter and Monira Al Qadiri. Subscribe to Micro Social Cultures mailing list here.

Micro Social Cultures is a programme kindly supported by Arts Council England