Project by Caterina Silva | SSOL/AP | Amsterdam, 4-8 July 2017

SSOL/AP. Amsterdam
4-8 July 2017
project by Caterina Silva

What happens to the thing when someone says it?
How to create an open form able to go beyond the limits of language in describing reality?
Is silence a better option? 

SSOL/AP is an independent choreographic project started in London on September 2016 and later re-staged in Gwangju in November and in Rome in February 2017. We are happy to announce four new studios of the performance SSOL/AP in various locations of the city of Amsterdam between the 4th and the 8th of July 2017.

SSOL/AP is an attempt at expanding Caterina Silva’s research on the limits of language shifting the focus from the production of objects-painting to the creation of a living rhythm.
It takes shape as choreography responsive to both the place in which it is staged and to the participants’ attitudes and capabilities.

The performance’s score is constructed through the juxtaposition of actions belonging to Caterina’s painting process with elements coming from an on going research into Korean cosmetic routine, Zen Buddhism, glossolalia and multilingual writings by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Korean American seminal artist (1951-Busan, 1982-New York).

SSOL/AP is developed in collaboration with and performed by Giovanni Impellizzieri, Johan Kistemann, Andrea Koch, Marta Montevecchi, Caterina Silva, Seung Hee Yeom (Skype).

SSOL/AP has been supported by Girlpower Collection, London (UK), Asia Culture Center, Gwangju (SK), Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (NL), Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Rome (IT), Bosse&Baum, London (UK).

Caterina Silva explores the links between power and language from often silent or pre-linguistic places in order to elude canonical structures of production of meaning.
Recent shows and projects took place in Rome, Galleria Valentina Bonomo, London, Bosse&Baum Gallery, Gwangju, Asia Culture Center, Milan, Galleria Riccardo Crespi, Palermo, Oratorio di San Mercurio, Amsterdam, Jollyjoker, Rijksakademie, Sic Intertrashional. Residency: ACC-R, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju (2016) Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam (2014-15), Cité des Arts, Paris (2012-13).

4 July, h. 17.30 The Family Gym
Tweede Kostverlorenkade 132 /135, 1053 SE Amsterdam

6 July, h. 20.00 ROZENSTRAAT- a rose is a rose is a rose
Rozenstraat 59, 1016 NN Amsterdam

7 July, h. 20.00, Project Space South, Rijksakademie
Sarphatistraat 470, 1018 GW Amsterdam

8 July, h. 19.00 VijzelVintage
Vijzelstraat 83, 1017 HG Amsterdam

Art Night Associate Programme Saturday 1st July, 2017: Cache by Candida Powell-Williams at London’s iconic Devonshire Square

Art Night Associate Programme 2017: Cache by Candida Powell-Williams at London’s iconic Devonshire Square

Presented by Bosse & Baum

Art Night 2017, East London, July 1
Central Courtyard, Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YE
(entrance via New Street or Harrow Place)

18:00- 00:00, Free entry
Cache at Devonshire Square_Press Release

Bosse & Baum is pleased to present Candida Powell-Williams’s interactive site-specific installation inside Devonshire Square’s outdoorat Devonshire Square’s historic Central Courtyard courtyard, as part of Art Night’s  2017 Associate Programme.

Taking place for the first time alongside the second edition of Art Night, the Associate Programme features a roster of nocturnal events by 31 local organisations and site-specific projects by 29 independent artists and curators in locations across the East End, as far spread as the Docklands and London Fields, opening up the city in unique and creative ways for the night of Saturday 1 July 2017. The participants were invited via an Open Call to reflect on the history and future of the area, emphasising the urban environment and contributing to the late-night celebratory spirit of Art Night.

The origins of Devonshire Square form the starting point of Candida Powell-William’s sculptural and performative intervention. The complex of warehouses, built by the East India Company in the late 1700s, stored luxury goods mostly from Bengal. Powell-Williams’ work for this project draws imagery from the textiles housed there and mixes them with cultural references as well as the site’s contemporary uses, folding into and combing the past with the present. The work, a series of sculptural jigsaw-like rug pieces, explores the disintegration and fragmentation of patterns as a means to reflect on our present day relationship to the site’s history. Powell-Williams’s installation will be animated by an interactive performance taking places throughout the evening.

Candida Powell-Williams, said:

“This year’s Art Night theme has a particular resonance with my own research. I am always interested in engaging my audience in the history of their surroundings as a way of considering identity and informing our future. I am delighted to have developed a new work specifically responding to the interesting and at times difficult history of East London. “

Patrizia Sechi, Customer Experience & Events Manager, said:

“Devonshire Square is the perfect place to host the striking art work from Candida Powell-Williams.  The courtyard, which is steeped in London’s history and surrounded by the estates historic buildings will provide a strong backdrop as well as being the inspiration for Candida’s engaging art.  Art Night is a unique opportunity for Londoner’s and tourists alike to experience bodies of work in situ, which have been influenced by their surroundings.  Devonshire Square’s central location at the heart of the City makes it a fantastic destination for art lovers on the Art Night.”

Art Night 2017 is held in a  collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery and curated by independent curator and writer Fatoş Üstek. The festival is generously supported by international auction house Phillips.

Candida Powell-Williams’ project for the Art Night 2017 Associate Programme is kindly supported by Devonshire Square.

Peckham 24

Bosse & Baum are part of 
Peckham 24 this weekend
Friday 19 May – open until 9pm
Saturday 20 May – 12 – 6pm
Guru Den | Motoko Ishibashi
Screening of performance by Yuki Kobayashi
@motokoooooo @yukikobayashi0226 #GuruDen
@bosse_and_baum @peckham24photo


Luke Burton at Granpalazzo, 27 & 28 May 2017, Ariccia, Rome

Opening: Saturday 27 May 2017 @ Palazzo Chigi, Ariccia, Rome. 


Herland at B&B: a visual book club

Opening: Friday 17 March, 6-9pm
Visual book club: Saturday 25 March, 1pm
@ Bosse & Baum, temporary project space

Guendalina Cerutti
Vanessa da Silva
Lindsey Mendick
Paloma Proudfoot
Rosie Reed
Rosie Vohra

Bosse & Baum have invited the artists Guendalina Cerutti, Vanessa da Silva, Lindsey Mendick, Paloma Proudfoot, Rosie Reed and Rosie Vohra to use an unoccupied part of the gallery to show a body of work titled Herland.

Drawing on the feminist sci-fi classic, Herland, the artists involved wish to disprove stereotypical expectations of what an all-female environment fosters, just as the women of Herland surprise the expectations of the trio of male intruders in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s novella. What the explorers find is neither a warring nation of cat-fighting women nor a subservient acquiescing nun-like society but a utopia of fiercely independent and physically empowered yet respectful women, living together in peace and without hunger.

Bosse & Baum have invited these 6 artists on a residency, with 1 week to work with 1 another and respond to the space. The artists will organise a private view for the evening of 17th March that will include performances and readings from the novella. Then on Saturday 25th Bosse & Baum and Herland will be hosting their first visual book club. We will be inviting the public to come to the gallery and discuss the novels important themes of feminism, sisterhood and utopias in relation to the artworks on display.

Whilst Herland is not strictly a part of the gallery programme, we believe in making use of opportunities to share our space when able to. With an open vision and sensibility, this makes sense to us, even though a commercial gallery. We are working together to provide opportunities for artists to exhibit their work, and for new audiences to learn about both their work and the gallery. As we develop, we are always trying out new ways of working, and this is one example.

The Temporary Research Centre for Stories, Myths, Tales and Fables @ Bosse & Baum | Sat 11 March, 1-5pm

The Temporary Research Centre for Stories, Myths, Tales and Fables @ Bosse & Baum | Sat 11 March, 1-5pm

The Temporary Research Centre for Stories, Myths, Tales and Fables is an informal investigatory project hosted by Nicky Deeley and Mark Scott-Wood. The intent is to create an informal hub for the exploration and study of anecdotes, such as local legends, but also to examine the ways in which stories can best be told and documented.

Visitors to the research centre are invited to regale their tales and fables inspired by the work of Candida Powell-Williams and her exhibition The Vernacular History of the Golden Rhubarb using the objects on show as stimulus. Stories maybe told by word-of-mouth, singing, drawing, dancing, in fact by any method the storyteller deems appropriate. 

If you would to participate please email; if you would maybe like to participate, or definitely observe the workshop, please also email

[Nicky Deeley studied at Royal College of Art and Mark Scott-Wood studied at Byam Shaw School of Art. They met at OUTPOST Studios in Norwich where they now both live and work.]

Workshop With The Portable Print Studio @ Bosse & Baum | Candida Powell-Williams

Create a multicoloured print with just one pull of the squeegee

Bosse & Baum, in collaboration with Portable Print Studio, is hosting a print workshop as part of The Vernacular History of the Golden Rhubarb, which will enable each participant to screen print their very own poster. Using the mono-screen print technique participants can choose a preferred design* from our selection of pre-exposed screens and create a unique one-off print by painting various colours directly onto the screen.

Saturday 25th February, from 12-4pm
The workshop is free and open to all ages and abilities
No booking required

*Artwork provided by the artist Candida Powell-Williams

PRESS: Betsy Porritt writes about Candida Powell-Williams: The Vernacular History of the Golden Rhubarb for This is Tomorrow

Candida Powell-Williams: The Vernacular History of the Golden Rhubarb | Bosse & Baum | 28 January – 18 March 2017
Review by Betsy Porritt for This is Tomorrow

Entering Candida Powell-Williams’ new show at Bosse & Baum is like stepping into the 1945 painting by Yves Tanguy ‘There, Motion Has Not Yet Ceased’. The grey indistinct landscape hosts shapes and colours that resemble familiar objects that are also explicitly ‘other’. The familiarity of the shapes that have been taken out of context, in both the painting and this current exhibition, destabilises the time-frame of both. Are we looking at a dehumanised reflection of the present day or a reanimated version of history?

The gallery is grey with bright pops of colour; the shapes that fill it vary in size from towering sculptures to smaller abstract objects. The anachronistic classical references of symbols and architectural details from Ancient Roman and Greek history, a working fountain, columns and doorways, interact with technologies such as the QR codes that animate the exhibition as you use you phone. Powell-Williams has created a micro world where culture is layered on culture, or rather, as the accompanying text suggests, culture is scraped away. The materials that make up the objects such as the ‘doorway outlines’ or the ‘doorway slabs’ mimic concrete and stone. The colourful spray paint has dissolved the edges of the works, giving an impression of age. It is not time and the elements that have worn down these objects, however, but process and material.

The decontextualised symbols signify things bearing meaning now lost. They speak of a specific moment in the creation of a symbol trying to fit order into or on to the world, like the planning of Nazi architects who imagined the future ruins of the Reich or the virtual reality tours of Palmyra that capture the ruins before they were ruined. In truth, Powell-Williams is saying, there is no march of progress, only all things existing as they are.

The sense of condensing history into a singular moment or object is beautifully explored by the artist in a work that stands at the opposite side of the room to the fountain. A series of shapes made from plaster or papier-mâché, which call to mind a flock of wheeling doves, are embedded in a wire mesh square that is suspended from the ceiling. One side of the shapes is roughly painted the same uniform grey as the surrounding gallery walls; the other sides are coated in a thick pink paint streaked through with white giving an effect like raspberry ripple. The power of the work lies in the way the gallery lights affect your eyes. Moving around the sculpture the colour and form of the bird shapes changes as if you were looking at them against the sun. The effect forces the viewer to engage directly with the space, to physically feel oneself as looking at, walking through or stepping on the different works. As your eyes adjust to the light and the sound of the fountain filters through, it is as though you are standing in a quiet Roman square, located out of any specific time.

Art Rotterdam : 8 – 12 FEBRUARY 2017: presenting Molly Palmer & Robin von Einsiedel



8 – 12 FEBRUARY 2017


Wednesday February 8, 2017
Opening by invitation:
18.00 – 22.00 hrs
Thursday February 9, 2017
11.00 – 19.00 hrs
Friday February 10, 2017
11.00 – 21.00 hrs
Saturday February 11, 2017
11.00 – 19.00 hrs
Sunday February 12, 2017
11.00 – 19.00 hrs
Contact us for invitations: | +44 7818 455 675 | +44 7946 399 916

Candida Powell-Williams: Performance workshop on Saturday January 21st

You are invited to join Candida Powell-Williams for a performance workshop during the creation of her new immersive installation

The Vernacular History of the Golden Rhubarb

at: Bosse and Baum, 133 Copeland Road, Peckham, SE15 3SN
on: Saturday 21st January, 2017, 12noon – 1:30pm; 3pm- 4:30pm; 5:30pm- 7:00pm

Please email to reserve a place

10 guests in 3 sessions will act as participants in part obstacle course, part pantomime.  Participants will be guided through the work in progress by CPW and choreographer, Joel O’Donoghue. At various times they will invite you to interact through gesture and pose, rearrange, even lick and tickle the sculptural works.

All footage will be used to generate the moving image works, integrated into the finished installation, opening to the public on Friday 27th January, 6-9pm

Costumes will be provided; refreshments provided; duration 1.5hr
#goldenrhubarb #CPW

Supported by the Arts Council England.


Luke Burton : Waves, group show at Turf Projects, London | January 2017

WAVES brings together video installation, printmaking, sculpture and painting to explore gesture and stillness in relation to the idea of private and public space. Invited artists present different attitudes and strategies, from improvisation and mannerism to staging and choreography, exposing the movements between the intimate and the shared.

To coincide with the exhibition, Turf are hosting a programme of related events including an Artists talk & Q&A, Film screenings, Family Art Fun Day, Reading Group and a Lunchtime Artist Crit. For further details on the programme please visit The exhibition and events were made possible with the generous support of the Arts Council England & Centrale Shopping Centre, Croydon.

Luke Burton‘s work examines across painting, drawing, video and sculpture the dependent relationship between contemporary art and decoration. His recent series of paintings and drawings explore how personal and collective forms of ambivalence are found in attitudes towards aesthetics, archetypal forms and male identity. Footballs and Fountains serve as ongoing symbolic tropes, drawn in an expressive and mannered style with a backdrop of tightly rendered patterns derived from Victorian tile designs.

Football, XI – IX, ink and acrylic on paper mounted on Kappa board, obeche frames – 90cm x 70cm, 2016

START art fair


UA @ Chisenhale | 12 June, 13:30-18:30

You are invited to join the artist collective UA in an afternoon workshop of collaborative practice, hosted at Chisenhale Studios by UA in collaboration with Please Stand By. The workshop will be loosely structured around group writing, making, vocalising, movement, and meditation, culminating in a collectively improvised ritual. Both artists and non-artists are welcome.
Over the past three years UA has developed a working process for participatory ritual-performances. But the nature of our practice has largely been hermetic, most of it taking place on retreats, in remote locations, with only members of the group there to witness it.

You can book tickets here:
// Group leaders will be:
Miriam Austin
Matt Drage
Paul Gwilliam
Boris Jardine
Lizzy Laurance
// About UA
UA formed in 2013 in order to investigate the aesthetic possibilities of religious practice, mythology and ritual. Each member of the project began with some variant of a basic problem: how to fit our artwork into new structures of meaning that would feed back into the work, that would be valid in their own right? i.e. outside of the gallery system, the poetry reading, the google group, the seminar, the spectacle. UA develops and maintains a fragile structure of participatory ritual-performances, involving sculpture, text, sound and movement.

At Home Salon: Double Acts | 14 May – 9 July 2016

Opening Party: Saturday, 14th May
6.30pm to late | RSVP:

Participating “Double Act” Artists:
Rebecca Ackroyd — Alex Clarke
Cornelia Baltes — Will Sheridan Jr
Bea Bonifini — Lindsay Lawson
Emma Hart — France-Lise McGurn
Gabriel Hartley — Ann Hirsch
Sarah Maple — Zadie Xa
Andrew Mealor — Alex Rathbone

Performance by | Bea Bonifini
Music by @Gaybar and Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings
Food by Taco Truck
Exhibition Events
Coffee Morning: Friday, 20th May, 9am-12 noon
Open House: Saturday, 11th June, 11am–6pm
Closing Party: Saturday, 9th July, 6.30-8.30pm
and by appointment until 9th July 2016

Marcelle Joseph Projects is delighted to present At Home Salon: Double Acts, an exhibition in the private residence of the curator in Ascot and showcasing artworks by 14 artists. For the third biennial edition of this exhibition – subtitled Double Acts – Marcelle Joseph has collaborated with a different London-based curator, gallerist, journalist or artist in each of seven different rooms of her home. Each “double act” curating team has in turn chosen two artists to show in their designated area. The collaborating curators include (in alphabetical order): artist Rebecca Ackroyd, Bosse & Baum gallerist Lana Bountakidou, Arcadia_Missa gallerist Rozsa Farkas, independent curator Valentina Fois, The Sunday Painter gallerist Will Jarvis, freelance arts writer Anna McNay and Emalin curator Leopold Thun. Expect the unexpected – artistic combinations in the domestic context away from the white cube that jolt, inspire, provoke and invite conversations of all sorts.

Midnight artist-led walks for ART NIGHT: Miriam Austin, May Hands, Sarah Hardie, Nicole Vinkour

Special midnight artist-led walks around selected Art Night projects on 2 July (10pm to midnight). Bosse & Baum has selected five artists, including Miriam Austin, Nicole Vinokur and May Hands, to design the artist-led walks.

To buy tickets, please email:

Art Night is a new annual contemporary arts festival that will transform London for one night on 2 July 2016. From Admiralty Arch to a disused Jubilee Line platform in Charing Cross Underground station, a range of building and public spaces across Westminster will form the stage for a series of art installations and performances, for one night only.

Art Night is free and open to all. Advanced booking for selected projects will be announced on 9th May 2016.


#artnight2016 #dontsleep

Lampy, The Barefooted Father @ Bosse & Baum Friday 18th March

Candida Powell-Williams will be showing a new performance work ‘Lampy, the Barefooted Father’ this Friday 18th March as part of Lupercalia Live at Bosse & Baum Peckham from 7-9pm.

There will also be other events alongside Miriam Austin’s exhibition Lupercalia, please check here.

Miriam Austin: Lupercalia UPCOMING EVENTS

The exhibition will be accompanied by a text written by LOUISA ELDERTON. 

A series of events and performances will take place in the duration of the exhibition. Please check here for updates or contact for more information.

Friday 18th March, 7-9pm
Poetry reading with Sam Riviere
Reading by Louisa Elderton
Performance by Candida Powell-Williams
Reading by Holly Slingsby

Wednesday 23rd March, 7-9pm
Closing ceremony with Miriam Austin and Universal A

Supported by the Arts Council England.

Material Art Fair | Mexico City | February 2016

Material Art Fair 2016

Material Art Fair is Mexico City’s only contemporary art fair dedicated to emerging practices.

Its third edition will take place from February 4th – 7th, 2016 at EXPO REFORMA, a convention center in the Juarez neighborhood of Mexico City, centrally located near the city’s financial district as well as the Centro Historico, San Rafael, and Roma-Condesa neighborhoods.

Luke Burton in group show | PV Friday 11 Dec, 6pm

ITALY @ Watch It Gallery, South Woodford, E18

More info here.

AIROOM: Young Girl Reading Group @ Bosse & Baum | 13 Dec, 7pm

Reading text : The Parasite by Michel Serres.

YGRG is visiting London as part of AIROOM residency programme:

Airoom is a project by Juste Kostikovaite inspired by ‘Tinder Swinton’, a character tired of Tindering, but is also in reference to artist’s temporary living places being made visible during residencies. Airoom accommodates artists and curators in empty rooms belonging to curators sacrificing their AIRBNB income. In 2015 Vilnius Airoom hosted Chosil Kill (NO/UK) (via Istambul and Kiev). In 2015 London Airoom is hosting curator Zane Onckule (LV) and artist&curator duo Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite (LT/PL/SE/DE/CH). Airoom is supported by KKNORD and Arts Council England.

Caterina Silva @ Rijksacademie 2015

Luke Burton in a group show | PV 19 November, 7-9pm

The Interior | E.R.O.S. Launch & Exhibition

We’ll be going to celebrate the launch of Issue VII of E.R.O.S., ‘The Interior’, at Ditto Gallery this Thursday November 19th. The event will also mark the private view of an exhibition put together in relation to the issue’s theme, and includes artists Laura Eldret, Luke Burton, Marlene Haring and Claire Baily.

Miriam Austin in a group show | PV Fri 13 Nov, 6-9 pm

Talk, So I Can See You | Wed 25 Nov 2015, 7pm-10pm

The Czech Centre London and The Performance Studio present Talk, So I Can See You, a film programme curated by Pil and Galia Kollectiv with recent work by Roman Štětina, accompanied by London-based artists Billy Howard Price, Molly Palmer and Mike Harvey, who will screen selected video works and excerpts from their on-going film projects. In a live, semi-improvised format Štětina will respond by selecting his own film and video works in relation to the topics and images presented.
The screening programme will be followed by a round-table discussion chaired by Pil and Galia Kollectiv with all four artists, in which they will be talking about editing, the relationship between sound and vision in cinema, and further ideas that emerge from the work. The evening will culminate in a screening of Roman Štětina’s recent video work Lost Cause (2014), which he will accompany with a live DJ set.

This event is taking place in the context of Štětina’s forthcoming residency in London, supported by the Czech Centre London and will be hosted by Bosse & Baum.

– Admission to this event is free, but booking is required RSVP to

Bryony Stone EMPOWER yoga workshop w/ music by Sam Wolfson , Saturday 17 October | 10:30am – 12noon

EMPOWER yoga workshop with Bryony Stone 

Saturday 17 October | 10:30am – 12 noon

Music by Sam Wolfson (editor @ Noisey)
Juice provided by Ali Baba Juice

£12 | to book a place please email info@bosseandbaum
& write YOGA: 17th October/ Bryony Stone  in the subject heading

Josh Wright & Guillaume Vandame | discussion with Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Saturday 10 October | 5pm – 6pm

Josh Wright & Guillaume Vandame | discussion with Cibelle Cavalli Bastos 

**REFLECTIONS: The body from within**
Saturday 10 October | 5pm – 6pm

Following Wright & Vandame’s exhibition at fig-2, they join us in discussion with Cibelle Cavalli Bastos at Bosse & Baum. The artists explore sites intended for art, as spaces for physical activity, prioritising the body and mind to determine meaning of the space .  The work of Wright & Vandame references Claes Oldenburg’s soft hard sculpture as well as Carl Andre’s minimal aesthetic and Christo and Jean-Claude’s collaborative, environmental and site specific approach. Much like Allan Kaprow’s happenings, the duo intertwines artistic input with physical engagement, and questions the body’s potential to transmit notions of identity, gender orientation and character. Wright & Vandame question our contemporary body image aesthetics and provoke conflating masculine and feminine archetypes and forms.

They will be discussing their work in an informal setting at Bosse & Baum. Please RSVP for a place: 

Rosina Bonsu Yoga Workshop, Saturday 10 October – Sunday 11 October, 2015

Ashtanga Yoga & Breathing Bones workshop with ROSINA BONSU Saturday 10 October – Sunday 11 October, 2015

Calm the mind, create a sense of well-being, realign perception, strengthen the understanding of your physical body, whilst practicing yoga and meditation in Cibelle Cavalli Bastos’ Wave Function Salon at Bosse & Baum.

Yoga leads us beyond the body, mind, beyond our perceived surfaces and, via movement, into our own subjectivity. 

It places our body in positions which we are not used to seeing, and challenges our relationship to the physical space in which we find ourselves. 
Whilst practicing yoga in <wave function salon\> you see the body from other angles, and also in the pixelated mirror walls of Cibelle Cavalli Bastos’ installation, showing a bent, broken and warped view of our realities. This, in addition to the asanas, which are already unusual, de-programmes the body and mind from how it has been conditioned in this world. 
If we challenge and play with our own conditioning, if we close our eyes, we find ourselves in new, fresh and vibrant dimensions. 

Rosina is joining us at Bosse & Baum to lead a workshop which seeks to calm the mind to create a sense of well-being, whilst promoting physical health by strengthening and toning the body. The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series is a guided practice, a moving meditation, which follows the lead of the breath and which allows time to further explore specific asanas. Breathing Bones is a series of relaxed postures and placements of the body. Together with the breath and gravity these aim to free the joints, release the muscles, realign the skeletal structure and balance the body. Click here to read more about Rosina’s background.

The workshop is open to everyone, whether attending regular classes or as a one-off workshop.

Saturday 10 October | Ashtanga Yoga | 10am – 11.45am
Breathing Bones | 12 noon – 1:15pm
Cibelle Cavalli Bastos Q&A w/ Rosina Bonsu | 1:45pm – 2:30pm
Sunday 11 October  | Ashtanga Yoga | 10am – 11.45am
Breathing Bones | 12 noon -1:15pm

One day: £35
Both days: £60

To book a place please email info@bosseandbaum
& write YOGA: 10/11 October/ Rosina Bonsu in the subject heading

Janine Harrington performs Satelliser at Copeland Gallery, Sunday 4th October,2-5pm

Twerkshop with Fannie Sosa, 8 September 2015, 8-10pm

Hello beautiful soulful friend!

——> you want to learn how to twerk?
——-> you want to do it in a sex positive, body positive environment?
———>you want to know more about the spiritual, political, and queer background behind this movement?
———> you want to explore what it feels like to be looked at when you manifest divine pride and you locate it on your ass?
———>you want to enjoy good, warm, fun times.

Twerkshops are a platform to share knowledges tied to our root chakra, the “ghetto of the body”, where the kundalini energy lies, waiting for you to summon her.

——> we’ll see how to manifest this energy and her joyful vitality
——-> we’ll look into how this energy can be perceived in public spaces
——-> we’ll reflect on how this energy can be harnessed, protected and used to transform hostile spaces into safe spaces

This twerkshop was open to all bodies- consent, respect and compassion are the only guidelines.

About Fannie Sosa
****Fannie Sosa is a PhD student, activist, artist and teacher. Her work focuses on transness, divine pride, intersectional radically inclusionary feminism and body/mind decolonisation. She uses her gender studies degree to pop her pussy even more severely than before.***

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 22.11.12