**Sale of artwork to raise money for NHS Covid-19 Urgent Appeal**


Mary Stephenson, Running Low, 2020, oil on watercolour paper, 24 x 32 cm

Mary Stephenson
Running Low, 2020
24 x 32 cm
Oil on watercolour paper 

Mary Stephenson has made a unique work on paper to raise money for the NHS Covid-19 Urgent Appeal100% of proceeds going to support NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients. Her work will be included in Preview London opening at 6pm BST today.

To enquire about Mary Stephenson’s other works please email info@bosseandbaum.com 


Opens on 7 April at 6pm (BST) at Artland
Online Exhibition : 8 to 21 April 2020
For a preview of works contact info@bosseandbaum.com

Preview is an exhibition format where international galleries are invited to dialogue and showcase artworks.  The invited galleries have the opportunity  to  collaborate, share  perspectives  and  visions  of  their  artists’  paths  and  develop  new  forms  of  exchange  on  an international  scale.