7 October 2021

Emilie Taylor at London Craft Week / Cynthia Corbett gallery

Cynthia Corbett Gallery and Young Masters Curator & Judge Preston Fitzgerald present a showcase of past Young Masters winners and alumnae as well as new fresh diverse talent. The exhibition takes place at the recently inaugurated Gainsborough Hotel – hub of contemporary art in the vibrant South Kensington art district.

The art historian Michael Rosenthal described Thomas Gainsborough as “one of the most technically proficient and, at the same time, most experimental artists of his time” – and as curators we aim to follow this artistic path in Gainsborough Hotel. Exquisite mastery of technique and medium along with experimentation are the founding values of the Young Masters platform. Cynthia Corbett Gallery and Young Masters are thrilled to start the curatorial residency in the Gainsborough Hotel, making it the ultimate destination for experiment and artistic excellence in South Kensington.

London Craft Week exhibition entitled The Meaning Behind Materiality  will include Gallery artists Matt Smith, Albert Montserrat, Klari Reis. Our Young Masters will be represented by Amy Hughes, Emilie Taylor and  Elin Hughes, and our Guest Artists will be Freya Bramble-Carter, Rafaela de Ascanio and Tanya Gomez.

For more information, visit the Cynthia Corbett website here.