26 May 2021

MACTE Digital: live performance Moira / Mɔjra / Mɔɪ.rə by Caterina Silva

On May 26, from 7.30 pm to 9 pm, a choral performance was broadcasted live on MACTE Digital via Twitch and took place in real time and in a physical location with Caterina Silva, Giuseppe Vincent Giampino, Marta Montevecchi, Matteo Locci, Natalia Agati and the video footage by Margherita Panizon, while the public will be able to follow and comment virtually from their own screen.

The transition from the world of solids to the new dimension was painless. Moira had swam through the liquid mass, yet the water had neither wet nor quenched her thirst. The room she had landed in was plain and bare, with a fresh milk dispenser in the corner and a loaf of unsalted bread on a coffee table.

It is an excerpt from Moira’s story that is unfolding on MACTE Digital with stages marked by the lunar calendar, taking on different forms: from text to screensaver to become a sound and animation space where Moira shows herself for the first time.

The performance on May 26th is the culmination of this journey of unveiling and investigating language and its ability to trigger worlds.

The curator Marta Federici writes in the introduction of the project:

The events of this character can be read as a long exercise in deconstruction of the subject (both linguistic and physical), but also as an unusual transformative ritual, which tries to lead the spectators to unknown territories, where it is still possible to try to give back to the word the ability to describe and transform the world without subjugating it. As the artist states, “ the space in which this may perhaps take place is a limbo, an intermediate point of passage, where words that are not known can be used to generate a language that is not intended to be learned. With which to say mysterious and very dangerous things “.

The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday 10-13, 15-19
with the exhibition of the 62 Termoli Prize curated by Laura Cherubini.

Admission is free and the exhibition continues until 29 August.

Find the full project of Moira’s story here.