Bosse & Baum

Who we are

Bosse & Baum was founded in 2014 by Alexandra Warder and Lana Churchill. The gallery occupies a 700 sq. ft.unit in the post-industrial Bussey Building, in Peckham, South East London, and is expanding into online spaces. We are a commercial gallery seeking an active role in shaping art discourse by giving a platform to contemporary positions; representing an international roster of emerging artists whose work challenges dominant historical narratives and is socially engaged. We work to facilitate broader social access to art and contribute to the wider critical conversation on contemporary art through a public programme of exhibitions, talks and performances.

Why we do what we do

We encourage inclusive participation and conversation within the gallery, whilst supporting the growth of the gallery’s artists into a broader dialogue that includes private and institutional collections. We care greatly for our audiences of artists, collectors, curators, and all those interested in looking and learning, from seasoned professionals to curious newcomers. We continue to champion female artists: the gallery represents more female artists than male artists, still one of only a few galleries in the world to do so. We work to create the conditions in which experimental art practices can thrive, exhibiting challenging media such as performance and installation, and developing the models that secure their visibility in historically conservative markets


Lana Churchill

Director, Bosse & Baum

Lana Churchill is the co-founder and director of Bosse & Baum. Prior to this she worked in several contemporary art galleries in London, at Contemporary Art Society and Calvert 22 Foundation. She graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London with a BA in History of Art and an MA in Curating the Art Museum in 2011.


Alexandra Warder

Director, Bosse & Baum

Alexandra Warder is the co-founder and director of Bosse & Baum. Prior to this, she worked at a number of major London galleries including White Cube and Marlborough Fine Art. She has a BA degree from the University of Bristol, and a Masters degree from University College, London.


Borbala Komjathy

Gallery Manager, Bosse & Baum

Borbala Komjathy is Gallery Manager at Bosse&Baum. She is a London based cultural producer and writer who has previously worked with institutions such as Therme Art, Every Woman Biennial, and Belmacz and has published pieces on Ocula and the Calvert Journal. She holds BA and MA degrees from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.


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