Florence Peake :
Improvisation : Touch Horizontal Pleasure

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Friday 8 September, 2017, 4- 8pm

Improvisation: Touch Horizontal Pleasure took the method of drawing used in Florence Peake’s solo exhibition at Bosse & Baum titled We Perform: I am in love with my body in September 2017; the method of outlining around a moving body – as a starting point for a four hour improvisation. Six  dancers, including Florence Peake, considered the floor and the body as a site for falling in love, using the sensation of movement to contemplate ones own body as a complete territory of pleasure to sink into: falling backwards into the horizontal becomes falling into, rising onto, the vertical.   



Katye Coe

Iris Chan

Rachel Gildea

Lizzy Le Quesne

Eve Stainton

Rosalie Wahlfrid