13 October 2021

Caterina Silva in group exhibition l RITA URSO artopiagallery, Milan

Bea McMahon, Vera Pravda, Caterina Silva 

Ad ampio respiro

October 21st, 2021

opening: 6 p.m.

performance: 7.30 p.m.



Starting from an ethical ecological reflection but also a spiritual one, the exhibition Ad ampio respiro aims to explore that “silent” communication activity of art and of ourselves in close relation to space. The breath of the artwork of the air, and ours in synchrony. The act of breathing develops on the one hand becoming a telescope on a global problem, the atmospheric pollution, and on the other, with a more intimate and introspective viewpoint, meditating on the element of spontaneity and on the “letting be” of things.


The three artists interpret the gallery environment, each in their own way, as a communicative filter. Bea McMahon’s trees, made of plasticized paper painted in natural colours, occupy the space inflating up to the ceiling thanks to a fan. Vera Pravda’s paintings, made with special anti smog paints normally used in construction, literally purify the surrounding air, in the same way as a forest of the same size does. Caterina Silva’s canvases, created in connection with the act of breathing in yogic practice, and with its rhythm, let the reality beneath the reality emerge on the painting surface and the surrounding environment that naturally and spontaneously enters the work, operating a continuous interchangeability between inside and outside.


The opening will take place on Thursday 21 October from 6 p.m. in the gallery’s courtyard space. At 7.30 there will be a performance In through the nose, out through the mouth conceived by Bea McMahon, with the collaboration of Caterina Silva. The artist stages a political environmental situation, focusing on certain actions including checking the quality of the air, breathing in trying to control the movement of people, and breathing out.

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