10 February 2023

Lucía Pizzani : Conduit / Clay | 28 March at 7pm

A live performance by Lucía Pizzani will take place on 28 March at 7pm at the gallery. To register your interest and to book a place please email info@bosseandbaum.com

Clay has been at the heart of human life since prehistoric times, it is where the first manifestations of material culture can be found. Clay grounds Lucia Pizzani, this affinity has accompanied the artist for more than a decade now. Conduit/Clay is a continuation of the explorations of universal and timeless symbols such as the snake with the earthy material. She has incorporated three plants: the corn, the tapara and the acacia. All from South America and deeply rooted in the culture and landscapes of the region. This performance will be in dialogue with the two and three dimensional images of the exhibition. The body will interact with clay objects made specially for the performance and at the same will affect raw clay on the floor of the gallery. A live soundscape will be played in real time by musician Javier Weiler. 
The title also refers to this ancient idea of how a snake was a conduit to the underworld, to water, related to the liquid in the womb, related to birth, but also the serpent as a possibility of healing and regeneration, the spiral present in how thing grow, the cycles of life all at once.