30 March 2022

Lauren Clay's Architectures of the Psyche | Review by Borbala Komjathy | Ocula

These wall-based sculptures are constructed from a mixture of paper pulp and plaster and finished with gradating shades of oil paint that create a graphic luminosity.

For Persephone, Clay’s latest installation at Bosse & Baum in London (18 February–26 March 2022) and the artist’s first solo show in the United Kingdom, these sculptures intersect with a digitally printed vinyl wall installation to explore the architectures of the subconscious.

To create these hypnotic wallpapers, Clay folds paper laden with wet paint to create a Rorschach print. Once dry, the paper is used to create small collages, which are then scanned and enlarged to the size of the wall.

These prints help extend Clay’s engagement with a network of connected symbols and archetypes that invoke surreal dreamworlds in her sculptures. The wall-based sculpture Persephone (2022), for instance, evokes the mythological figure of Persephone, both goddess of Spring and the queen of the underworld.

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