26 June 2021

Merike Estna, Jaime Lobato, Hasanlu Lovers "Borderlessness" at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

Merike Estna and Jaime Lobato, Hasanlu Armastajad

19 June – 29 August 2021
Opening: 18 June, 6 PM

The opening of the exhibition is on 18 June at 6 PM. Performance by Jaime Lobato will start at 7.30 PM in front of the gallery near the outdoor sculptures which were created for the exhibition.


At the heart of the exhibition by Merike Estna, Jaime Lobato and Hasanlu Armastajad are borders, borderlessness and their multiple meanings. Borders can act as a separators, limiters and definer of worlds – they divide but also protect. Yet, borderlessness can give rise to a synthesis of endless possibilities where transition is soft and gradual. The Estonian word for borderlessness, piiritus can also mean spirit or rubbing alcohol, thus inviting another layer of meaning – a matter that purifies yet creates intoxicating shifts in perception.

The exhibition is structured in dualities both in its theme and its materiality. Tenderness and danger, wakefulness and slumber, separation and togetherness, accelerated productivity and decelerated mineralisation all find their place in this orchestration of abundant artistic expression. This is a biopoetical camino that started from isolation and separation leading into togetherness.

Fragile ceramic objects with sharp outward-pointing needles, a strict brick wall pierced with holes, a bed holding Hasanlu Armastajad with sounds of Mexican traditional music flowing from underneath them – these are only a few examples of the pieces at the exhibition unfolding throughout Temnikova & Kasela Gallery.

Graphic design: Martina Gofman

The exhibition is supported by Kuusakoski AS and Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Thank you: Narva Art Residency, Publics, Saastamoinen Foundation, Aime and Priit Estna, Punch Drinks.

More information on the gallery’s website here.