1 December 2022

Twisted by Bea Bonafini | A Limited Edition of 10

“In Twisted, a body is engulfed by the unknown figure’s own hair. It seems to have a life and a will of its own as it cascades downwards, twisting itself around the limbs and consuming them.

The only remaining hints of a human body are two blue boots. This new limited edition is a nod to a wider world of entanglements, in support of the dissolution of boundaries as we know them, and of the fusion between different matter and organisms.”

– Bea Bonafini

Bosse & Baum presents Twisted by Bea Bonafini, a new limited edition of hand-tufted works created in collaboration with Art Rug Projects in Athens, launched on the occasion of the artist’s solo show Animals of Your Lips, 2022.

Bea Bonafini: Twisted
Wool & bamboo silk, hand-tufted
50 x 1 x 70 cm
Edition of 10
Price from £1500 to £2400 + VAT (unframed, excl. shipping) each, price of the editions increases as it sells out – please order through the gallery shop or enquire at info@bosseandbaum.com

About the Artist

Bea Bonafini’s (b. 1990) interdisciplinary practice draws from oneiric visions, overlapping personal and ancient mythologies. Her tactile, intimate worlds form swirling scenarios that are fragmented and multi-layered. Figures are evanescent and transcendental, referencing imagery where fluid bodies collide, disperse, swim, fly and fall. The focus on universal human experiences – birth, death, illness, love – unfolds and proliferates ambiguously, simultaneously graspable and fleeting.​

Bonafini’s work expands the possibilities and interplay of painting, tapestry and sculpture. Holistic perspectives are developed in close dialogue with architecture, where works are expanded in space to envelop the viewer.

Recent solo exhibitions include Animals of Your Lips at Bosse & Baum, London (2022); Unearthly at Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg (2022); Il Chiostro Animato at Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Trastevere (2022) and A Monstrous Fruit at Setareh, Berlin (2022). Recent group exhibitions include The Armoury Show with Setareh gallery, New York (2022), The New Guard at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris (2022) and A Midsummer Night’s DreamAlkinois, Athens (2022).