Luke Burton

The Artists’ Oracle Catalogue


The Artists’ Oracle is a unique initiative galvanised by the collaborative effort of White Crypt and Tree Carr, Dream Guide and Author, whose work explores the esoteric realms of dreams, death and divination. Together, they have invited 30 artists to each produce one unique artwork design for a card that became part of The Artists’ Oracle. Each artist was invited to work with their dreams as inspiration for their design. The artists were introduced to the concept of ‘conscious dreaming’, where a person explores the depths of their unconscious mind through interpreting and engaging with their dreams. Through a series of workshops and one-on-one sessions with the artists during March 2021, Tree Carr helped guide them on their journey. After the workshops the artists produced their designs, drawing upon the practices and experiences they have developed. In this way The Artists’ Oracle is a conduit into a collective imagination and offers a unique and exciting opportunity to engage with artworks in a very special format. Oracle cards are commonly used to gain insight into one’s own emotions and feelings. A card is drawn at random and you are invited to reflect on its meaning as an aid to self-reflection and mindfulness. The Artists’ Oracle Catalogue displays card artwork in full colour and includes transcriptions from artists’ conversation with Dream Guide Tree Carr, delving into the possible meanings of each card. The catalogue also includes an introduction and interview by and with Tree Carr, as well as tips to Lucid Dream. Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung believed that dreams present an important view into the collective unconsciousness and that many of the symbols and images contained in our dreams have a universal meaning. Jung believed that the collective unconscious was an inherited collection of knowledge and images, also called archetypes, that every human being has at birth. He believed that for the most part individuals are unaware of the images and ideas contained in their collective unconscious. However, at times of personal crisis - and we could also say here global crisis - the psyche can open a door to the collective unconscious and to images contained in the unconscious, both of which might be accessed through dreams. Artists include: Luke Burton, Shannon Bono, Antoine Carbonne, Oscar Chan Yik Long, Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Aisha Christison, Charlotte Edey, Bobbye Fermie, Natalia González Martín, Dave Green, Ani Gurashvili, Johnny Izatt-Lowry, Lindsey Jean Mclean, Travis Lawrence, Katia Matsievskaya-Kesić, Grace Mattingly, Jonathan Michael Ray, Francesca Mollett, India Nielsen, Candida Powell-Williams, Neil Raitt, Alicia Reyes McNamara, Jakob Rowlinson, Lara Shahnavaz, Amy Steel, Marlene Steyn, Lise Stoufflet, Orfeo Tagiuri, Alicia Tsigarides, Ella Walker. UPCOMING SEPTEMBER 2021: A physical exhibition of The Artists’ Oracle original cards and additional artworks will be presented at White Crypt in Oval, London, in September 2021.

96 pages, full colour

25 x 18 cm

About artist

Luke Burton (b.1983, London) lives and works in London. He has an ongoing interest in how symbolism operates across decorative visual culture and questions the relationship between craft, ornament and fine art in relation to taste, objecthood and materiality within painting. In addition to more conventional modes of painting, Burton is also interested in seeing painting as an expanded field, specifically in his use of seemingly anachronistic media such as folding screens or vitreous enamels.


This publication was jointly created by White Crypt and Tree Carr and accompanied The Artists’ Oracle project over March-April 2021, during which select artists – including Luke Burton and Candida Powell-Williams – produced a work inspired by their dreams as a part of a 30 Card Oracle Deck.

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