Florence Peake

Florence Peake (b. 1973, London) lives and works in London.As a trained dancer Peake’s background in choreography and painting stimulates a studio practice that is both diverse and immersive.Often working performatively to incorporate drawing, painting and sculptural materials, Peake’s work explores the relationship of materials to the moving body. Through public performances and carefully choreographed works, Florence Peake challenges notions of physicality, loss and political concerns such as the commodification of art by the corporate world.

By encouraging chaotic relationships between the body and material, Peake creates radical and outlandish performances, which create temporary alliances and micro-communities within the audience. In believing that objects and materials have their own autonomy and subjectivity, Peake draws on the expansive vocabulary of materials to enhance and contextualise her work. Her sculptural works and paintings operate as documentation of the performance, but never in a reductive way, as Peake attempts to incorporate the effect of site, audience and much more than the pure physicality of the performance.


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