Jade de Montserrat :
London Gallery Weekend : In-conversation and artist-led walk with Erin Manning

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London Gallery Weekend | In-conversation and artist-led walk with Jade de Montserrat and Erin Manning

As part of London Gallery Weekend, Richard Saltoun Gallery and Bosse & Baum are hosting two consecutive events that will foster a dialogue between Erin Manning’s exhibition 100 Acres at Richard Saltoun Gallery, and Jade de Montserrat’s exhibition In Defence of our Lives at Bosse & Baum gallery in South London.Through these collaborative events, Manning and de Montserrat aim to allow for art to move more freely between artists and sites, and to generate important conversations around some key topics that are of crucial interest to their respective practices.

Friday, 31 May, 4pm

An in-conversation with Erin Manning and Jade de Montserrat will take place at Richard Saltoun Gallery between 4-5pm, moderated by Phoebe Osborne. The talk will be followed by the public opening of 100 Acres from 6pm onwards.

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Saturday, 1 June, 2pm & 6pm

Manning and de Montserrat will meet at Richard Saltoun Gallery at 2pm,  and invite participants to join them for an artist-led walk to Bosse & Baum, accompanied by dancer and choreographer, Christopher Roman. The walk will be followed by the opening reception for de Montserrat’s exhibition at Bosse & Baum between 4-6pm, and an in-conversation with Manning and de Montserrat starting at 6pm.

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RSVP for the talk to info@bosseandbaum.com

About Erin Manning

Erin Manning studies the interstices of philosophy, aesthetics and politics, concerned, always, about alter-pedagogical and alter-economic practices. Pedagogical experiments are central to her work, some of which occur at Concordia University in Montreal where she is a research chair in Speculative Pragmatism, Art and Pedagogy in the Faculty of Fine Arts. Recent monographs include The Minor Gesture (Duke 2016), For a Pragmatics of the Useless(2020) and Out of the Clear (minor compositions 2022).

Her artwork is textile-based and relationally oriented, often participatory. She is interested in the detail of material complexity, in what reveals itself to perception sideways, in the quality of a textural engagement with life.


About Jade de Montserrat

Dr. Jade de Montserrat is an artist concerned with challenging structures of care in institutions and with the intersection of gender, race, class, and colonialism, often in the context of life in rural communities.


About Phoebe Osborne

Phoebe Osborne (b. 1984) is an artist based in New York, NY. His practice engages material traces of ancestral, current, and future relationships through a matrix of film, sculpture, performance, drawing, writing, and sound. Extending from his lived-experience with chronic pain, he contemplates the accelerating illnesses of the planet at large and considers how modes of relating can empower resilience and enable repair. Osborne’s art generates sites of obscure play, resisting the ‘knowing certainties’ of dominant languages of identity, nation, and culture that often divide and render intimacy insentient. To resist this fractioning, Osborne’s works invite us to slow down and move in relation to our changing ecologies in a practice of curiosity, attention, and response, crafting opportunities for relational imaginative dreaming-otherwise.