Holly Hendry :
More and more, more is more

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24 January – 21 February 2015

Bosse & Baum presented a solo exhibition by Holly Hendry in their gallery space in Copeland Road, Peckham. The exhibition was titled, “More and more, more is more”, after a phrase from Rem Koolhaas’ essay Junkspace, a lament for modern architecture. The exhibition reflects some of the text’s preoccupations with our use of space, spreading like a toxic mass across the planet uniting shopping malls, airports, hotels and art galleries. Space, according to Koolhaas, is sealed together by skin, like a bubble, and is investigated through its containers: “all theory for the production of space is based on an obsessive preoccupation with its opposite…architecture.” By using industrial materials, basic building aggregates and processes of casting and construction to draw on the inside and outside of objects, Hendry explores different ways of containing, breathing, constructing and producing space. She is drawn to personal living spaces as ‘memory architectures’ with knowable boundaries, conceiving of these as hard
frameworks that give way to stickier, more complex relations. Her works often appear in pieces; amputated architectures that behave like tiles or bricks, stacked or cut off at the limbs, suggestive of the classical, fragmented figures that they mimic and mock.

The exhibition will draw on Hendry’s previous body of work titled Hollow Bodies, completed after a year-long residency at BALTIC 39. For this exhibition, Hendry’s works emerged from replicating and transforming dimensions taken from architectural interiors into bodily, skeletal or inflatable forms that mimic breathing and bring the circulatory system of the space to life. The exhibition allows us to explore the current state of our sensory perceptions within the spaces we inhabit. Our ever-increasing interaction with computer-screens, technology and over saturation with images, leads us to need, and want, more and more ways to engage with real space. The series of performances by Rafaela Lopez and Georgia René-Worms, Christopher Matthews and Ryan Ormonde, Kieran Hodgson, Penny Newell and Jessica Worden, taking place on 23 January, 2105, intervene, seep and undulate, and distort your presence in the gallery, converting it into a place where we can see the ‘residues’ of junkspace in the making. From the exhibition’s inception, the artist will continue to fabricate works, in an artificially constructed studio, leaving traces and changing the gallery.

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