Preview London 2020

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Preview London 2020

8 – 29 April 2020

Bosse & Baum showed Luke Burton, Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Merike Estna and Mary Stephenson as part of Preview London 2020, hosted online by Artland.

Preview is an exhibition format where international galleries are invited  by the Italian collector Mauro Mattei to dialogue and showcase artworks.  The invited galleries Bosse & Baum (London), Clima (Milan) and Damien & The Love Guru (Brussels) have the opportunity  to  collaborate, share  perspectives  and  visions  of  their  artists’  paths  and  develop  new  forms  of  exchange  on  an international  scale. Proceeds from all sales will be donated to Delfina Foundation, an independent, non-profit foundation dedicated to facilitating artistic exchange and developing creative practise through residencies, partnerships and public programming.

Mary Stephenson was the winner of the Mauro Mattei Art Trust Acquisitions Award launched by Mauro Mattei  in 2020 to support those artists and galleries taking part in Preview London. The selection committee is formed of four international collectors who are actively engaged in supporting artists worldwide.


Installation Views