Candida Powell-Williams:
Sonic Arrangements in the Infinite Fill

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Derry Walls’ Walker Plinth, Derry

22 June –

24 August 2019

Sonic arrangements in the infinite fill is a site specific performance that was held on the Derry Walls’ Walker Plinth by artist Candida Powell-Williams in August 2019.

Void Gallery in Derry welcomed Candida Powell-Williams back to Derry on the 24 August 2019 for a new performance designed specifically for Walls 400 celebration and to close her solo exhibition Command Lines. sonic arrangements in the infinite fill was a new site-specific performance on the Derry Walls’ Walker Plinth in collaboration with dancers from Echo Echo Dance Company.

Sound, movement and costume combined to explore the dualism of repelling and attracting, taking the transformation of the city walls from defensive architecture to tourist attraction as the starting point.