28 October 2021

Florence PEAKE Performance & Exhibition l Richard Saltoun; National Gallery

About ‘Sequel’ at Richard Saltoun

‘Sequel’ presents a series of dynamic paintings and sculptural reliefs created between 2017 and 2020 using various media – clay, paint, plaster – , existing in direct relation to performances and gestural actions made by Peake. ⠀

All the proceeds from exhibition sales will go towards supporting the production of the performance at the National Gallery.⠀

‘Sequel’ will open with an “in-conversation” between the artist and Priyesh Mistry, Curator of Modern & Contemporary Projects at The National Gallery on the 17th of November. Tickets can be booked via Eventbrite through Richard Saltoun’s website here

About ‘Factual Actual’ at National Gallery 

Large, exuberantly painted canvasses are folded, dragged, and suspended by five dancers, moving between flat and sculptural forms and theatrical elements of concealment and revelation.

‘Factual Actual’ extends what painting can do and its relationship to movement, up-ending the static representation often found in Western museum collections through chaotic shifts and ever-changing compositions.

Please note these performances will take place in Room 31 and not Room 8 as previously advertised.

More information on the performance at the National Gallery can be found here