17 September 2022

May Hands group exhibition | Claas Reiss, London

Chloe Boston, Hannah Rowan, May Hands, Poppy Keating and Sophie Mei Birkin
Curated by Olivia Grace Middelboe
15th September to 16th October 2022
Private View: Thursday 15th September 5-9pm

Projektraum London is pleased to present ‘oxbow’, a group exhibition curated by Olivia Grace Middelboe featuring work by Chloe
Boston, Hannah Rowan, May Hands, Poppy Keating and Sophie Mei Birkin. The exhibition is part of the gallery’s cooperation with
the Department of Art’s MFA Curating class at Goldsmiths, University of London. Olivia Grace Middelboe’s exhibition was the
winning proposal submitted by 1st year students of the MFA Curating class and selected by a jury advised by Chris Hammond.
‘Employing sculpture, ceramics, photography, film, and installation, the work in oxbow explores materiality, using glass, clay,
organic matter and synthetic materials, whilst also considering our relationship to the Earth and its ecological systems. oxbow
creates an environment in which the lines between man-made and natural forms blur, where the work on display could be
encountered in the ocean, in a river, on a beach, as if it is existing in or being altered by bodies of water.
The notion of vessels is an overarching theme which runs through the body of work featured, both as having the capacity to hold
water and living forms, but also as holding memory and as a space for storing and recording layers of temporality. The work
emphasises transformation, tactility and materiality through melting, fragmentation, oxidation, burning. There are traces,
residues of memory in found objects, photographs, the movement and changing form of water from ice, material forms shifting. It
is not static, it develops and changes with the influence of its external environments.
There is a symbiotic relationship between the practices of the artists exhibited. In their approach, both materially and
thematically, an interconnectedness permeates which echoes the natural flow and balance in bodies of water and the ecosystems
which exist within them. As we face climate breakdown, considering our relationship to the surrounding ecological systems is
fundamental. The artists in oxbow are using synthetic and naturally occurring materials to address this relationship, whilst also
exploring the past and potential futures.’

(Olivia Grace Middelboe, September 2022)


For more information, please visit the gallery’s website