30 September 2021

Short by Luke Burton part of Fields of View Screening / Online

Fields of View | Screening

7:30, Friday 17th September, 2021, The Others, Stoke Newington, N16 5SA

Friends, colleagues and past students of Al Rees have contributed one-minute films and videos to celebrate his posthumous book Fields of View* and the spirit of the man who was an ardent supporter of experimental cinema. Many have made new pieces for the occasion and responded directly to key terms and ideas that they found in his writing. Over 60 artists have contributed to the screening including: Maria Anastassiou;  Luke Aspell; Jenny Baines; Steven Ball; Suky Best; Kelvin Brown, Savinder Bual; Luke Burton; Brad Butler and Noorafshan Mirza, Sophie Clements; Nick Collins; Toby Cornish; Chris Paul Daniels; Karel Doing; Amy Dickson; William English; Anna Fernandez De Paco; Patti Gaal-Holmes; Éric and Marie Gaspar; Rob Gawthrop; Zlatan Hadžifejzović; Nicky Hamlyn; Tony Hill; Elizabeth Hobbs; James Holcombe; Phil Hollins; Riccardo Iacono; Nils Jean; Jamie Jenkinson; Deniz Johns; sue k.; Adam Kossoff; Stephen Littman; Lynn Loo; Paul Martin; Chris Meigh-Andrews; Jo Millett; Jayne Parker; Stephen Partridge; Simon Payne; Alexandros Pissourios; Gareth Polmeer; William Raban; Karolina Raczynski; Emily Richardson; Cathy Rogers; Edwin Rostron; Philip Sanderson; Guy Sherwin; John Smith; Vicky Smith; Anna Thew; Peter Todd; Nikolaos Tzaferidis; Andrew Vallance; Dominic de Vere; Chris Welsby; Ian Wiblin and Anthea Kennedy; R. L. Wilson; and winc films.

Supported by LUX.


Luke Burton Cross Fields

Super 8mm of a digital TV screen whilst my friend plays Minecraft in 2009. A square sun rises and square sun sets – amateur gauges, amateur games and the thought that this almost-forgotten footage can commemorate and celebrate at once.

To watch the short films, visit the website here.