13 March 2023


Bosse & Baum is a member of Gallery Climate Coalition, an industry association which aims to promote sustainability and environmental reform within the art world. The company strives to improve its carbon footprint by examining all aspects of our business to find energy-saving, recycling and resource-sharing initiatives.

Bosse & Baum has been committed to closely monitoring its carbon footprint since its inception and has been committed to practising a minimum-waste operation. The gallery, with a few continental exceptions, the gallery does not reply on an art fair model and observes strict reduced business travels roles. As well as measuring our carbon emissions, we continuously evolve and develop our policies and procedures to address the key, industry-specific concerns of travel, freight and exhibition production, which will help us move towards a more sustainable model.

Bosse & Baum has pledged to maintain a reduction of our absolute carbon emissions (in line with the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping global warming to below 1.5°C), and to promote zero-waste practices. For 2023 we are evolving our commitments to keep pace with industry guidance from organisations such as the Gallery Climate Coalition. Reduction remains our top priority. Our Head of Environmental Sustainability, Alexandra Warder, oversees the implementation of the gallery’s measures to achieve these reduction targets & drives the urgent actions to decarbonize and minimise waste in our daily operations and practices.

Image courtesy Lucia Monge and Bosse & Baum