17 March 2022

Caterina Silva and Merike Estna works ARC Club l London

ARC Club offers ‘good design for all’ at Camberwell coworking space

ARC Club is an accessible sanctuary. Occupying residential neighbourhoods, its fluid design embodies flexibility and autonomy; plugging in, with ease, to small-scale vacant commercial space equips it to become a high street staple of the remote work-enabled 15-minute city.

The main brief was to create three zones for workspace members focused on achieving a better work experience on their own terms: a public entrance and social cafe area, a collaborative area for group work, and a quiet area for focus. Because the site is open for events outside office hours, it was important to keep it as flexible as possible, which meant no static partitions or doors in-between the different zones. The 223 sq m commercial ground floor unit – which had stood vacant since its development three years ago – was fitted out in just seven weeks.


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