7 April 2022

Caterina Silva exhibition at Bosse&Baum | by Alfredo Cramerotti | Nero magazine


On accumulation and de-accumulation

The exhibition Summer Unknown by Caterina Silva brings together a new body of paintings from 2021 and 2022, curated by Alfredo Cramerotti. Through quick painting sessions Silva registers traces of the space in which she works, traces of her daily life, impressions, emotions as well as fragments of our collective unconscious: news, disasters, uprisings, deaths, loves, joys, despairs.

Accumulation occurs when the quantity of something is added to or increases over time. It can be of knowledge or memories, but also of snow outside my front door, mineral deposits on earth’s strata or items in an archive. Whilst in finance it underlies the concept of growth i.e. accumulation means increasing the investment size in one asset, or the number of assets owned, or in buying activity in an asset, crucially both countable and unaccountable nouns can be accumulated: that is, some items or phenomena gathered together over a certain amount of time or space can be discerned but others not so—I cannot count snowflakes or memories. Equally, every build-up can either be of durable or non-durable elements —for instance, of tangible assets (as accumulation of goods) or non-reproducible rights (as accumulation of access). The process of acquisition can go on for a long time.

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